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The British Invasion Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The British Invasion - Essay ExampleThe chords of their music were to a fault simple (but beautiful) that everybody can relate. The themes of the lyrics of their music be also universal that anybody can relate whatever the generation, background or orientation of the listener. Themes like love and commit contained in the lyrics Let it Be and Here There and Everywhere ar universal human aspiration that will always find an consultation careless(predicate) of generation.Yes it is. The combination of skiffle, rock and roll, folk and to some extent jazz that characterizes the music of the Beatles still have a following in this generation and such, it is still applicable instantly. The Beatles were also real artists. Meaning, they wrote their own song, composed their music and arranged their own melodies unlike with many of todays performers whose music pre-made by recording companies and they are just asked to perform. In fact, artists who make their own music are more esteemed toda y.Are there any non-American bands or performers that you regularly listen to today and how does their national identity figure into their music and public presentation (are you informed of the nationality of your favorite bands)?I listened to Bob Marley. Yes I am very much aware about his national identity and his brand of music. He is a Jamaican singer-songwriter and musician. His national identity influenced his genre of music which reggae. I believe that Bob Marley is Jamaicas equivalent of Beatles in Great Britain. He is very popular even outside Jamaica and his music also finds audience in different generation. Their music are timeless (finds new audience in every generation) and can cross varying cultures speaking about the same themes of human experience such as frustration in No Woman No Cry, love and hope in Redemption Song and One Love that would always touch audience whatever generation or nationality they may belong.His presentation also speaks well of

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Case study Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Case study - Essay ExampleHaving a reliable constitute reckon in place for the Worplestrop company would be distinguished for the management to make decisions concerning the role of the company cash and ensuring that the software development and of damage data in education clays is implemented as planned. Therefore this kind of preliminary cost analysis is important in areas where there are scarce funds. Having a bungling estimate on the cost of a project is important factor in ensuring the success of the project. Preparing a budget estimate at the early stages of the cost accounting software implementation brings together the previous cost data and the skills of estimation coupled with relevant project experience (Fonnow 2006). Budget Control Methods and frame Cost Cost estimation on project implementation is never an exact science. Therefore, Worplestrops management need to put their effort towards affordable cost estimates projects that lie within the company budget. In o rder for the company to work within their budget calls for the use of consistent and comprehensive methodology (Gilbert 2011). However, even with the use of such methodology more concern should be given to the project to ensure the quality of the cost estimate. This cost estimate was therefore prepared by means of a thorough research and comparison with similar projects in other companies that have been done before and needed my professional judgment in its quality. This story further takes into account the coordination that is between the information systems planning cost estimates, the systems design cost estimate and the universal specifications that shall be used in the real reflexion of this information system. The estimate of this information system is being valued at $ 0.5 million plus the of implementation and training. The cocomo mode of software pricing is recommendable in determination the real cost of such a software implementation. Other Available agreements The us e of the information management system would provide an added advantage to Worplestrop Company oer her competitors. However, the partners need to be aware that there are other systems in the market that can be used in place of the Costing information system if the providers do not accept to deliver the software within the company budget. This company is structured along the functional lines and therefore any system that is put in place must be able to support the company goals. Other systems are identified in the following section financial Management Information Systems This system can be used in the organization by the financial managers and gives an analysis of the past and the present financial activities of the company. Moreover, the future tense financial obligations of the organization are given by this software and has control over the use of the organization funds over time. Manufacturing Management Information System Presently the operations of any business has been affe cted by the reassigns in technology and therefore Worplestrop is no exception. The manufacturing operations in any company ought to change due to this dynamic factor. Inventories are provided to avoid use of large sums of money for warehousing in big inventories. Thus this kind of system would be important in managing in such scenarios. With this system there is no need for warehousing. Marketing Management Inf

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Quantitative Analysis of Business Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Quantitative Analysis of Business - Coursework Example discover the equations for each of the three constraints that are plan on the attached graph 1, showing all work necessary to arrive at the equations.Determine the equations for each of the three constraints that are plotted on the attached graph 1, showing all work necessary to arrive at the equations.Identify each constraint as a minimum or maximum constraint. The objective function is Z= 30X+72Y+90Subject to 7.5X + 7.5Y 30 (equation for Nutrient C) 6X + 12Y 72 15X + 6Y 90 X 0, Y 0 Since the feasible region is below the constraints the constraints are minimum constraints. Determine the total contribution to profit, if the company produces a combination of cases of brand X and brand Y that lies on the purple objective function (profit line) as it is plotted on the attached graph 1.If the company chooses to produce a combination of brand X and Y as given in graph then the different combinations would be (0, 8), (1, 6.6), (2, 5.4), (3, 4), (4, 2.6), (5, 1.3), (6, 0). The contribution to profit at various combinations can be obtained using the objective function where profit= 30X+72Y+90 and substituting the value of X and Y for each set in this function we get profit for each combination.When the company produces 8 units of Brand Y and no Brand X the profit function is maximized (666). But this combination is outside the feasible region. So, the combination that gives maximum profit (468) to the producer within the optimal region is 3 units of X and 4 units of Y. The Total Contribution of Profit The total contribution to profit which can be obtained by producing 3 units of brand X and 4 units of brand Y is 468 which is obtained by putting the values of X and Y in the profit

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Food Insecurity Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

solid food Insecurity - Essay ExampleAs far as hard statistics go, the Food and Agriculture Organization(FAO) estimates that over 852 million people in the world struggle from chronic hunger, charm a overmuch larger 2 billion faces invariable fear of starvation overdue to mendicancy (FAO,2003). Being the most basic of necessities, providing easy and affordable access to nutritious food is paramount to stopping deaths due to hunger, malnutrition, and diseases worldwide.While the issue of food insecurity plagues primarily the ontogeny and developed countries, the developed world isnt immune to it altogether. In the United States, 10.9% of the households were food insecure at least some time during the year, of which, 4.0% were very food insecure for some time during the year (United States Department of Agriculture,2007). The states with the highest food insecurity during 2004-06 were Mississippi (18.1%), New Mexico (16.1%), and Texas (15.9%), while North Dakota (6.4%) had the l owest food insecurity. (Household Food Security in the United States, 2006Food insecurity in United States households is usually recurrent or episodic, just now not chronic (unlike that in developing and undeveloped countries). This means that these households faced shortage and anxiety over food for not more than 1 or 2 months, and not the whole year round. Some particular household groups are more susceptible to food insecurity than others, with preponderance of food insecurity much higher than the national average. These groups include households headed by bingle women (30.4%), and single men (17.0%), Black (21.8%) and Hispanic (19.5%) households. Households with income below the official poverty line had the highest prevalence of food insecurity (36.3%). Of the 12.6 million households with food insecurity, 10.32 million live in metropolitan areas, making the access to a nutritious source of food a non-issue (USDA, 2007). Thus, food insecurity in these metropolitan areas result s primarily from poverty or occasional natural causes (such as natural disasters), unlike undeveloped and developing countries where food availability and not affordability is a major cause of food insecurity.Women, due to their roles in managing family feeding are at heightened risk of food insecurity. dismay levels of education and inequality in terms of employment opportunities, as well as biological factors such as pregnancy and childbirth make single women without spouses especially susceptible to the consequences of food insecurity. The median income of single women over 16 yearsin the United States is $22,097, compared to $32,396 for males (United States Community Survey, 2006). Consequently, households headed by single women also show a much larger deviation in terms of food insecurity than the national average (30.4% compared to the national average of 10.9%). Poor education is one of the primary causes for this deviation, as the median income of single females with less t han high school education is $13,255, compared to $49,164 for single females with graduate or professional degrees. Children are another major cause of poverty and the resulting food insecurity in households headed by single women with no spous

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The Effects of Global Warming Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

The Effects of Global Warming - Reoceanrch Paper ExampleFrom this paper it is clear thatglobal warm is likely to cause an subjoin in temperatures, which results in flooding along the coast. Researchers show that the sea level has risen by around four to eight inches in the 20th degree Celsius alone. The subjoin in sea level results from the expansion of sea water. Also, experts feel that global warming will result in a massive increase in vector-borne diseases. Pathogens reproduce very fast when in warm temperatures. Some of the most significant diseases include rodents and mosquitoes.This study highlights thatthe consequences of global warming result in a lot of damages to the environment and will likely lead to adverse outcomes for the future generations. Some of the outcomes include deadly heat waves, rising of the sea level and flooding, droughts and wildfires. Also, global warming will result in an increase in diseases such as malaria. Moreover, the ecology of the earth will become crazy because of the melting ice and mountain glaciers.Global warming plays a huge role in the change of the planets ecology. Most of the causes of global warming are human activities. For example, production activities and energy production activities result in a release of gases into the atmosphere that traps the planets heat before it gets amply radiated. Therefore, it is important to conduct a study of the causes of global warming and the likely solutions to the problems that result from the phenomenon.

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The Data Protection Act Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

The Data Protection Act - Essay Example. Data which are classified as confidential by the counselor are kept in a separate file and place. Interview notes, test results, personal data about the individual, main office and family, which can have meaning only to the counselor, often prove to be means of solving many problems of maladjustment. This sample case is termed confidential.A case involving the information being disclosed by clients especially the personal and confidential information that becomes known to the counselor and the amount of these data that can disclosed to only limit people and with the consent of the client. There is an ongoing divorce case and the some data is being required by the lawyers and prosecutors.The psychologist should seek the consent of the client as to what and to whom the information will be given and the purpose that these data will serve. Fidelity is a part of the ethical guidelines stated by BACP.Increasingly, attention has focussed on provide rs of psychological services who need to balance the ethical principles of their profession with legal and regulatory mandates, as well as with the institutional policies of the organizations where they work.The General Guidelines for Providers of psychological Services and the Specialty Guidelines for the Delivery of Services were promulgated to aide those involved in the professional practice of psychology within several contexts. Additional centering on specific issues is provided in other documents, such as the Guidelines for Child Custody Evaluations in Divorce Proceedings, drafted by the Committee on Professional employment and Standards and several others.Social Security and WorkIn UK employment law there is an important distinction between employees and workers. Most agency workers are classed as workers and this serves to exclude them from entitlement to important employment rights such as unfair dismissal and redundancy protection, which are only available to employees.A companys reward philosophy should be simple - they should allowance for performance and the better the performance the more they should pay. Most companies have adopted a market based pay approach to determining salaries which means they pay according to the value of the job in the market.Companies should be dedicated to the principles of employment and pay equity. They should be committed to taking steps to facilitate the integration and crusade the full participation of previously under-represented designated groups such as agency workers in the labour market and encourage the utilization of the talents of all employees in order to get to the business objectives of the companiesEmployers should also be

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Inroduction to Business law Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Inroduction to Business law - Coursework ExampleThough there ar fundamental differences between tort and contract laws, it is argued that they ar similar to one another and negligent misstatement and negligent misrepresentation are clear evidence for that. This constituent of the paper evaluates Doctrine of precedent in relation to Lord Radcliffes statement in his work Not in Feather Beds(1968) and discusses negligent misstatement under the law of tort and negligent misrepresentation under the law of contract to support the argument that they clearly indicate that both tort and contract laws are similar to one another. Judicial Law-Making and self-directed sources Lord Radcliffe (1968, p. 216) stated that Judges should be cautious (in terms of making law or following precedent) not because the principles adopted by the Parliament are more satisfactory or more enlightened, but because it is unacceptable constitutionally that there should be twain independent sources of law-makin g at work at the same time. ... Judges are to be more cautious to discover and declare the law that they want to demonstrate in front of the legislator, but not to make it. Whether judges should make new laws or they should simply declare what the law is has been a major depicted object of academic debate. In todays legal systems, it is generally recognized that judges do make new laws when resolving certain disputes even though they often disagree about the extent of their law-making power (Mothersole and Ridley, 1999, p. 41). The doctrine of precedent, which states that courts must use decisions concluded in earlier legal-cases, has provoked serious debates about the dead role and rights of judgeship in developing common law. Are Judges just decision-makers who simply discover the law and declare it in the courts or they real make new law with their power to do so. Some researchers have seriously claimed that judges have no more power than finding and applying lively legal p rinciples. From Lord Radcliffes statement, it seems that he agreed that a Judge can either depend on decisions do in earlier legal-cases or make law, but he needs to be cautious because it is constitutionally unacceptable that there should be two independent sources at the same time. The two complimentary sources of law-making are Judicial and Legislature processes. Though there are disputed regarding whether a Judge creates law or perfectly follow decisions made in earlier cases, it is generally agreed that a Judge has the power of law-making. Both Judge and Legislature have to understand the respective functions and limitations related to judiciary and legislature. Zander (2004, p. 332) stressed that Judges do not reverse principles that are already well established, but they usually modify, extend or restrict them